The fascination for casino games unites us all. Do you know how they started?

If lunaspins88 you are on our site and are currently reading this article, then you definitely have one thing in common with us, and billions of other people who access online gambling platforms. Who is that? The fascination with casino games. It is not at all surprising that these games have endured for thousands of years and are still enjoying unprecedented popularity today. Along with them comes the sense of accomplishment and grandeur you get when you win a game of Blackjack for example, or the intense emotions and suspense experienced when you’re on the verge of losing your hand.

We believe that casino games are so engaging because they push your intellect to the max, forcing you to give it your all to come out victorious in the end. You may be familiar with this multitude of feelings experienced in competition. But are you familiar with the history of the game of Blackjack? Let’s see!

Over the years, the origin of the game of Blackjack, like many other games, has remained a mystery to many researchers, and continues to be debated by many people today. To date, there has not been a clear consensus, but most researchers have agreed on one fact. Namely, that the game of Blackjack would have its origin somewhere around the year 1700, in the casinos on the territory of France. However, the name of the game was not Blackjack, it started from America, but we will talk about that in the following lines. Back then, he was called Vingt-Et-Un, which in translation would mean the game of. The name of the game is one you still see today, and with which you are probably familiar. Gradually, the game spread to North America thanks to French settlers, and little by little it could be played across the continent. Originally, the rules were different from the game you know all too well today. For example, in Blackjack at the time, only the dealer was allowed to double down. Also, after each card dealt from the playing cards, there was a round of betting.

The game was still called 21 when it gained popularity in Nevada in 1931, as it was the first state where gambling first became legal. Here, the most popular of the many casino games has rightfully earned its name Blackjack. How? Well, to attract more people to play the famous game, casinos have come up with a very innovative idea. A special bet with an incredible payout of ten to 1! What you had to do to take possession of the win was to hold a black J of heart or club, plus the black Ace of hearts. Although, some time later, the casinos removed this payment offer, the name Blackjack or Black Jack remained the game we all know well today.

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