Oversight of Monopoly’s Giant Avenues

Thanks to the developer Big Time Gaming, a collision between two of the entertainment industry’s largest properties is imminent. The popular board game Monopoly, which has been on the market since the 1930s and has sold millions of copies, is now available as a slot machine with Megaways. The result is a game that looks familiar but features up to 117,649 ways to win and extra features like Reactions and Reel Adventure.

Spins start at just 10 c/p, making it perfect for low-stakes players, while high-limit players can put in as much as $/€20 every spin. This is a democratic experience that should be enjoyable to most Big Time Gaming fans because it can be played on nearly any device and screen size. When you factor in Mr. Monopoly’s generous antics, free spins, and multipliers, you have a recipe for hours of entertainment and the chance to win big.

The figures appear nice too. By varying the amount of symbols on each of the game’s six reels from two to seven, the Megaways engine achieves its signature high number of pay ways. Although the level of volatility is high, the Return on Investment (RTI) of 96.39% is perfectly reasonable. The positive developments on the prospective returns keep arriving. Top payouts in the regular game are in the thousands of times the wager range, while in the free spins bonus round, they can go as high as fifteen thousand times the wager.

Symbols range from the traditional 9-through-Ace card royals at the lower end of the paytable to more well-known Monopoly images like the dog, battleship, top hat, and race car at the higher end. At the very top, we have a capital ‘M’ in a gold symbol covered in jewels that is worth 50 times the wager. You shouldn’t count on seeing a lot of winning symbols, as is the case with many Megaways-driven slots. They are energized by the presence of multiple winning combinations at once, as well as by the game’s many unique bonuses.

Features of Monopoly’s Superhighways

The game has Cascading Reels as befits a Megaways slot. When a winning combination is made, the associated symbols disappear and make room for other symbols to fall into them. This may result in further winning combinations, and the process will continue until no more combinations can be made. One spin can result in several wins in this fashion.

The Reel Adventures mechanism, previously seen only in Holy Diver Megaways, is central to Monopoly Megaways. In place of a noble knight, Mr. Monopoly takes center stage here. The energetic little guy hops about the Monopoly board, with each square he lands on having an immediate effect on the game:

If you get the ‘Go’ symbol, all possible Megaways will be activated on the next spin.

When you land on utilities or train stations, you own them and can use them in the bonus round.

If you crash land on a random street, you can find anything from one to four extra homes there. The next spin’s Megaways can be maximized or free games can be triggered.

Community chest results in being sent to a random street while adding 1 to 4 dwellings.

If you land on the same street twice in a row, that street will have two houses.

If you get 5 houses in a row, or just happen to land on the right spot, the Free Games feature will activate. The minimum amount of free spins is 8, however this can be increased if you own a train station or live on a block with five or more homes. If you trigger the bonus game again, you’ll get an extra three free spins on top of the original eight, plus a multiplier for any utilities you own. When you land on a property, the multiplier will rise by one for every abandoned home on the lot.

During free games, Mr. Monopoly once again makes his way around the board in search of multipliers, free games, maximum Megaways, and properties. The houses, train stations, and utilities on the visited streets are lost at the conclusion of the free spins session, but can be reclaimed during normal gameplay.

Judgment on Monopoly’s Megahighways

There are a number of slot machines out there that are based on the classic board game Monopoly, but Big Time Gaming’s version is poised to become the market leader. Its success can be attributed to a number of elements.

The first is the combination of Megaways, the Reaction system, and Reel Adventure, which has proven to be rather effective. It’s not gimmicky; rather, its components complement and strengthen one another. Although it may appear intricate on paper, the finished slot has a lot going on without being overly confusing. Including the classic Monopoly board and all of its bonuses is a feat in and of itself, and it has been expertly implemented.

The frosting on the cake is obviously the bonus game. Once activated, the number of multipliers and free games is completely arbitrary. While there is a cap, players shouldn’t be too upset about the possibility of winning up to 15,000 times their initial wager. It’s probable that Monopoly Megaways will attract a wide range of players, from those trying to relax after a long day to those seeking the excitement of a high-value, high-volatility slot. Not to mention others who want a more exciting time at the slots.

We don’t expect Monopoly Megaways to become Big Time Gaming’s best performing game, but it does undoubtedly stand head and shoulders above most other Monopoly titles on the market. If you didn’t like Holy Diver and the Reel Adventure concept, you probably won’t like Monopoly Megaways either.

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